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Our Vehicles Are Becoming Services 

Beyond the string of Uber scandals, we are at a captivating moment in transportation.

Not so long ago, you could own a car or bicycle, jump into a cab, walk or use public transport. There are now more and more offerings of “transport cocktails,” mixed modes of transportation while, at the same time, a much more varied ecosystem is forming.

Self-driving cars are starting to appear but also new ownership models like Volvo’s subscription program, which includes things like insurance and maintenance, make it feel more like buying a phone than a car. At the same time, Uber just bought JUMP, an electric bike share service. For trips under 5km, you actually move quicker by bike than by car, which means Uber is likely cutting into their own short-range service and, in a way, dispensing with drivers.

In places like China and all over Europe, e-bikes—whether owned or shared—are making huge strides in popularity, extending the kinds of users and range of bike rides, changing our understanding of movement in a city. All in all, there are now plenty of opportunities for new service models, packages, combinations, and innovation for short trips and vehicle ownership in general. One-time buys are becoming services and subscriptions.



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